Holly Grove Church | EPIC (4th-6th Grade)
Holly Grove Church is a part of the Cumberland Presbyterian community of faith and is located in Brighton, TN. Holly Grove Church offers children's church, middle school bible studies, high school bible studies, adult bible studies, live music, Wednesday night classes, Sunday worship, and events throughout the year so you can connect with us!
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Epic (4th-6th Grade)


E.P.I.C. (Eternally Purposed in Christ) is our ministry to preteens in 4th, 5th & 6th grade. Our prayer is that preteens will leave our ministry knowing that they have a purpose in Christ. When the storms of adolescence blow, we want to see preteens who will discover that their identity isn’t what others tell them, it’s what God determined it to be. Preteens are a unique age group. Too old for the children’s department and not quite ready for the youth group, preteens at Holly Grove have their own ministry dedicated to ministering to this special group of kids.

Preteens are ready to conquer the world, and here, we give them opportunities to let their young faith soar. Our 4th, 5th and 6th graders will have chances to be on the EPIC Drama team and learn to serve around the church.  Also, they will have plenty of fun trips and activities, meaningful Bible Study, and caring leaders who will help them build their relationships not only with their peers but with Jesus as well. For more information about our preteen programs or special events, please contact Pennie Hendrix.

EPIC meets every Wednesday at 6:30PM

For more info email Pennie Hendrix

Or call (901) 832-3112